“Currently I am reading about the silk road further, and how it has established our economy as we know it today 2021”

Mostly everyone I know will tell you I chose Art history as a minor because of my love for Assassins Creed and the running joke of how I passed first-year ARTH by only playing it, but it actually is a little deeper than that.

I was thinking about this quite a bit over the past year before I decide to declare a minor this year and came to realize my curiosity for history and subsequently, art goes back to being pretty young.

Now one of my biggest childhood aspirations was to be like Indiana Jones, an intelligent professor that goes on adventures to the lost architecture of the ancient world and civilizations forgotten by many.

I am sadly no archeologist professor, but I do believe the want to be like Indiana Jones, or even later on Lara Croft is what drove me towards art history.

I initially had started art history and loved it because I was learning about places I had visited in travels or in games, but when I started to learn more about places that I had very little prior knowledge too is what really drew me in.

I was fascinated by the history, and consequently, the art that comes from the historic time. Overall I think my childhood aspirations to be the next archeologist with a really cool hat, or the games I played jumping around ancient cities started the curiosity and university confirmed it for me more.